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Volume Copy/Mirror
Quickly restore production with full data copies

Volume Copy/Mirror


Data loss and downtime can threaten business continuity. In most cases, the first line of defense is to create a full copy of production data in your system. Volume copy/mirror allows users to quickly and easily create multiple disk-based data copies on Infortrend storage systems at minimized performance degradation. Besides rapid recovery, these data copies can also be used for secondary applications, such as testing, development and decision support.

The copies created through volume mirror can be constantly synced with source or split as independent copies. When a RAID-protected volume fatally fails, the copy constantly synced can be leveraged for no-data-loss quick recovery. As to the split copies, they can be used to enhance operational resilience by allowing shared access of critical information among production and batch applications, such as testing, data mining, scientific analysis and tape backup. As business needs require, the split copies can be quickly re-synced with source.

Users can also create copies independent from source through volume copy technology. These copies are ideal for time-critical applications since they are immediately available for use even before the copying process is fully completed. The operations of the independent copies do not have any influence on the service level of primary applications or their data integrity.


Features Benefits
Quick recovery from data volume failure Immediately use disk-based full data copies to support applications when the source data volume fails; constantly mirrored copies ensure the least data loss
Flexible data copy deployment Split and re-sync mirroring between source and copy as business needs require; flexibly leverage independent copies of production data for secondary applications
Affordable data protection Extend data protection beyond RAID capabilities while staying within tight budgets
Close integration with applications Ensure close integration with leading operating systems and common business applications


Infortrend's volume copy/mirror diagram

Volume Copy/Mirror diagram