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Energy Efficiency
Lower your power consumption costs and contribute to environmental sustainability

Energy Efficiency


IT efficiency is at the core of green IT. To help users increase energy efficiency in their datacenters, Infortrend has developed many software technologies and hardware design features to optimize storage systems.

Through storage virtualization, scattered storage resources can be consolidated beyond physical boundaries for efficient utilization and management. Thin provisioning and distributed load balancing technologies improve capacity utilization and performance to optimize return on investment. Flexible drive support of Infortrend storage systems allows users to assign often-accessed, critical data to high-performance drives and static data to large-capacity drives, enabling them to meet diverse application requirements at optimal cost efficiency.

The hardware platforms of Infortrend's storage systems are also enhanced with advanced power-saving designs. 80 PLUS-certified power supplies deliver more than 80% energy efficiency, while intelligent multi-level drive spin-down can help users signficantly reduce power consumption. Infortend has taken a leading role in green IT to help businesses lower their energy bills and contribute to environmental sustainability.


Features Benefits
Storage virtualization Consolidates multiple storage systems into a single pool which can be easily managed and dynamically expanded as needed
Thin provisioning Enables "just-in-time" capacity allocation to eliminate wasted space, power and cooling expenses on large and underutilized data volumes
Distributed load balancinga Evenly distributes workloads among storage systems to maximize performance utilization
2.5” drive support 2.5” drives consume 40% less power per IO than 3.5” drives; reduce physical space and energy needs
SSD support SSDs consume 80% less power per IO than traditional 3.5” drives
80 PLUS-certified power supplies Powers high-performance storage with exceptional energy efficiency
Intelligent multi-level drive spin-down Detects I/O activities to automatically adjust drive rotational speed