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Hybrid Storage
Maximize SSD performance and HDD capacity utilization while optimizing data storage

Hybrid Storage


We understand the dilemma IT managers face when having to choose between dollar-per-IOPS vs dollar-per-GB for their data center. Infortrend Hybrid Storage Solutions are designed by combining the solid state disk (SSD) with hard disk drives (HDD) to provide better performance and capacity utilization with a great service level – all at an affordable price.

Infortrend offers two solutions to best leverage flash technology and the capacity of the drive disk: SSD Cache – using flash as a large caching area for the most hot data; and Automatic Storage Tiering for automatically moving the most active data into memory-based storage. Users can ensure the best performance and biggest ROI.

The hardware platforms of Infortrend's storage systems are also enhanced with advanced power-saving designs. 80 PLUS-certified power supplies deliver more than 80% energy efficiency, while intelligent multi-level drive spin-down can help users signficantly reduce power consumption. Infortend has taken a leading role in green IT to help businesses lower their energy bills and contribute to environmental sustainability.


Features Benefits
Combined SSD & HDD
  • Improved overall read and write performance with SSD speed boost
  • Optimized capacity utilization thanks to hot data being moved to high performance SSDs while less-accessed data is stored in HDD with large capacities where speed is less important.
  • Lower TCO – store cold data in inexpensive HDDs
Ideal for High IOPS With high SSD performance hybrid storage is ideal for data intensive, high IOPS applications, such as Database, VDI and cloud services
Automated Data Sorting
  • SSD Cache – hot data is automatically copied to the SSD Cache pool, without the need for any IT resources or management effort.
  • Automated Storage Tiering – migrates data between tiers based on data usage patterns automatically, simplifying data management
Easy 3rd Party Integration Integrates seamlessly with Citrix, Linux, Microsoft and VMware, creating an easy to manage virtual environment and providing greater functionality
Extensive Data Services Remote Replication, local replication and more data service features for better data protection and ensured availability
Up to 312 drives If at any point your data storage requirements more capacity, with the high scalability, one unit can easily scale up to 312 drives


Download the All Flash Hybrid Storage Datasheet (PDF).