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Distributed Load Balance
Experience optimized performance with dynamic, automatic load balancing

Distributed Load Balance


Infortrend's distributed load balancing technology evenly distributes data blocks among member systems of a storage pool in a dynamic and autonomous manner. The innovative technology facilitates the distribution of workloads among hardware resources and ensures the full utilization of Infortrend storage system's performance resources.

Data migration will be automatically initiated when systems are added to an existing virtualized storage pool so that data is evenly distributed among member systems. This automatic data migration helps to ensure that optimized performance of a storage solution can be maintained. Moreover, relevant fine-tuning is conducted online without any service disruption.


Features Benefits
Improved productivity Realize maximum performance utilization and linear performance scaling; enable storage systems to work at full power to support applications and users can easily increase performance by adding more systems to the storage pool
Simplified management Free IT managers from the hassles associate with rebalancing environments; performance is automatically optimized without any prior planning or manual operation
Increased availability Eliminate system downtime for performance optimization; no matter how workloads and configurations change, the automatic, continuous load balancing causes no disruption to the online applications
Enhanced scale-out When users add or remove member systems to change pool configuration, load-balancing technology maintains optimized performance by automatically migrating existing data to balance workloads across the environment

Infortrend distributed, dynamic load- balancing

storage tiering diagram

When users add or remove member systems to change pool configuration, the load-balancing technology can maintain optimized performance by automatically migrating the existing data to balance workloads across the environment. Moreover, all the fine-tuning is done online without service disruption.

Distributed Load Balance