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Solutions for VMware
Seamless integration with VMware vSphere environments

Solutions for VMware


The increasing prevalence of virtualization is affecting businesses of all sizes and generating new storage needs. Supporting large numbers of virtual machines and their valuable datasets in VMware’s virtual infrastructure requires a fully-integrated SAN delivering high performance, availability and agility.

Infortrend’s FC and iSCSI SAN storage systems from the ESVA, EonStor DS and EonStor families, as well as Infortrend's EonNAS systems, are VMware ready. As a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP), we are continuously working with VMware to enhance the benefits our products can deliver to virtualized environments. In a fully virtualized datacenter combining VMware infrastructure and Infortrend storage solutions, users enjoy optimal resource efficiency, application productivity, operational resilience and management simplicity at reduced costs. For virtualized deployments large or small, Infortrend solutions can dynamically satisfy your current and future needs in the most cost-effective way.


Features Benefits
Operational flexibility Offers a comprehensive range of products to be integrated into VMware infrastructure with diverse host interface (iSCSI or FC), drive (SAS, SATA drives or SSDs), form factor (1U to 4U) and price requirements
Simplified management Provides a user-friendly management platform to accelerate or even automate storage administration and backup tasks in virtualized environments
Reduced costs
  • Minimizes upfront purchases by allowing users to buy what they currently need and expand virtualized pools as needed to meet growing demands
  • Improves storage efficiency to cut administration, cooling and power expenses wasted on underutilized resources
Improved productivity
  • Delivers no-single-point-of-failure hardware designs, RAID protection and data protection features to minimize unplanned system downtime
  • Support non-disruptive scaling and automatic load balancing to minimize planned downtime


Download the Solutions for VMware Datasheet (PDF).