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Storage Virtualization
Overcome physical barriers between resources and increase storage utilization and flexibility

Storage Virtualization


Storage virtualization enables storage systems to overcome physical barriers between resources and thereby optimize storage utilization and increase flexibility. Capacity of a storage system is consolidated into a storage pool, from which capacity can be flexibly allocated to applications. Coupled with thin provisioning and scale-out technology, storage virtualization on Infortrend's systems provides resource efficiency, easy management, operational resilience and increased availability at reduced costs. The ability to effectively and promptly respond to changing IT needs will translate into a competitive edge in the business world.


Features Benefits
Reduced costs
  • Minimizes upfront purchases by allowing users to expand the virtualized pool in a "pay-as-you-grow" manner
  • Improves storage efficiency to cut administration, cooling and power expenses wasted on underutilized resources
Simplified management
  • Consolidates multiple storage systems into a single pool to reduce administrative overhead
  • Eases capacity planning and automates capacity allocation with thin provisioning
Operational flexibility Enables on-demand storage expansion to dynamically meet changing needs
Increased availability Achieves non-disruptive scaling and automatic load balancing to minimize planned downtime