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Infortrend Products and Solutions
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Infortrend is an enterprise data storage provider, with high value, high reliability at a value cost, offering All Flash and Hybrid Storage, Storage Server, and Hybrid Cloud Solutions, all with rich data services to meet your SAN / NAS environment needs and address all your IT problems.


Infortrend storage solutions have been widely deployed on a variety of demanding applications by multiple users across commercial and industrial markets. Our core brands include the EonStor GS, EonStor GSe, EonStor GSe Pro and EonStor DS product families.

Infortrend EonStor Storages

EonStor DS

Cost-Effective Enterprise Hybrid (SSD/HDD) Storage with Dual Active Controllers

EonStor GSa

Optimized SSD Performance and Efficiency for Mission Critical Time-Demanding Applications

EonStor GSc

Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliances Designed to Streamline Enterprise Cloud Deployment and Access

EonStor GS

Enterprise-Class Unified Storage Integrating SAN, NAS and Cloud

EonStor GSe Pro

Enterprise-Class Features in the Most Affordable NAS

Infortrend Solutions

2.5-inch Drive Storage

2.5-inch Drive Storage

Optimize IOPS-per-U while trimming power costs



High-availability storage for public sector institutions operating with a limited budget



User-friendly management tool for EonStor storage systems

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